Since I was a young boy, I have had an interest in photography. Some would argue that it was mainly posing in front of the camera.

About 12 years ago a good mate asked me to do some photos for an album cover for his newly formed band. I went and bought my first digital camera. The guys in the camera store were impressed with my purchase - A 2MP Canon. I was feeling pretty pleased with my introduction to the digital age. My interest in photography sky rocketed from that point. This was also where I was introduced to photo editing. Initially self taught, my wife, seeing my passion enrolled me in a photography course.

My work has included web site photography, poster creation, front covers, corporate flyers, photoshoot’s, newspaper ad creation, logo design and taking photos of my gorgeous wife and daughters. I see inspiration and beauty everywhere I look. Capturing that moment gives me such a huge rush. I hope you enjoy my work.

Please call or email to discuss your particular needs. I love what I do and my aim is to deliver unique, top quality work that exceeds your expectations. This is a passion for me and is reflected in my pricing.

We are open 24/7
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